Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nate post to all

The first three days of the MTC have been exhausting. Our class is ahead of all the others in learning Tagalog, which is cool to say, but makes it more difficult on us for memorization and learning the language. However, I enjoy learning it. It is a lot of fun to speak. My favorite word so far: Naniniwala and Masaya. You can figure out the meanings for yourself! No pictures yet! I must ask my mission president if I'm allowed to upload images on to the computers. If not, you can expect to see a lot of images once I reach Baguio in about 2 months. My companion Elder Amataga is a great guy. He's from Samoa and was a fire fighter there! I got a Lava-Lava from him which is extremely comfortable! He has interesting story, that I don't want to go into full detail on here, but him and I have fun. The gym is awesome! There is Coca-cola around, people are friendly and kind here. I do miss all of you guys though and I think about you often. I can't wait to start getting letters from you guys, I hope you all have a great Christmas, and come back next Friday for more updates!
We heard from Nate by e-mail today. He is enjoying his first few days in the MTC. He has heard a couple of general authorities (church leaders) speak today and had a turkey Christmas dinner. He misses his guitar and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!