Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 23, 2012

THis week, like always, was busy. But it was nice! Planning a service project for next week, we'll be going over to an elementary school and build chairs for the kids. Stoked for that! That will be this Saturday morning, (meaning Friday night for you!) can't wait to do that! I was able to check my weight for the first time in quite a while, about 2 months, on Friday and I've lost 35 pounds. WOAH. That kinda made me jump. But hey, can't say I expected anything less going to a 3rd world country. I just gotta make sure I don't come back TOO skinny. I know photos are starting to be put up here. I've only uploaded one photo of me recently. I'm standing next to a member in it with my thumb up. For fun, compare it with the pictures at the MTC to see the difference in skin color and fat! woo! Continue to send me letters please, it brightens my week to get anything from you. I've sent out about 7 letters, so I'm hoping that those get to you guys soon! Love you guys!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This week has been busy. We've been pushing more to help people get involved here. We also are planning another big service project for the area so that's added to this week. I enjoy when things are a bit more crazy, makes it more fun! Anyways, I've found a way to make picture uploading a bit faster, I'm hoping next week I'll be able to use that more effectively and be able to upload (hopefully) 30 pictures, but we'll see. All depends on how fast the bandwidth will allow me to! Language has been coming much better. I'm just hoping I can become fluent (or at least close to it) sooner than later. I ate a very interesting food dish the other day. It was tasty, and then I learned how it was made and that made for something interesting. I don't remember the name, but a close translation is tortured chicken in a sour sauce. It was good, but man that poor chicken! They literally beat up the chicken and then cook it! Felt a bit bad, but at the same time I can't refuse food in a place where people are so poor. It was tasty none the less! I hope to keep getting letters from you guys. I've sent out quite a few in replies to what I've gotten so far. I hope that I continue to receive more from you. Love you guys! Take care and stuff!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

So this week has been a little uneventful. We've been kept busy, but appointments have fallen through, some people moved away, and some projects that are branch set up were kinda ineffective. BUT! None the less it's been a good week. I'm still working hard. Tired when I get home, tired when I wake up. Means I'm doing my job! Anyways, I'm enjoying it here and I'm feeling healthy and I am growing quite a bit. In the pictures I've taken more recently (which probably wont be up for another couple weeks) you can see a total difference in my physical features than when I was in the MTC. I'm still getting mail which is nice, keep it coming my friends! I've been writing back, just don't get discouraged if you write me and don't hear back from me in 6 weeks. It takes about 3 weeks average for me to get anything and then 3 weeks to get back to you! I love you all and think of you often. have a great week and I hope Easter treated all of you well!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

So, this week has flown by just as fast as all the others. It's started raining more, which I'm happy about, except my name tag fell off due to the wind and rain, I'm ordering a new one today! Woo! So, I met a drunk guy in the street the other day who wanted me to go drink with him. He was PLASTERED. He was speaking English and Tagalog mixed and it was so convoluted I thought it was Illocano. I had to explain many times that I don't drink and then I think he walked away thinking I gave him the 40 oz of beer in his hand. So with letters I'm hearing a lot of people have been trying to send them to me in the pouch form and are having trouble, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT! Send it to me in regular envelope form. Pouch works, but it's hard to do and doesn't work well UNLESS you're in the Philippines. But thanks for the letters I've been receiving. Makes me feel loved! And if you need to, use it's easy. I walked by a band playing today, they sucked, but it sure made me miss playing! But rest assured, when I come back within the first week I'll have a new band put together. Heh! Anyways I love you guys! Keep the letters coming and I'll keep replying!