Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

So this week has been a little uneventful. We've been kept busy, but appointments have fallen through, some people moved away, and some projects that are branch set up were kinda ineffective. BUT! None the less it's been a good week. I'm still working hard. Tired when I get home, tired when I wake up. Means I'm doing my job! Anyways, I'm enjoying it here and I'm feeling healthy and I am growing quite a bit. In the pictures I've taken more recently (which probably wont be up for another couple weeks) you can see a total difference in my physical features than when I was in the MTC. I'm still getting mail which is nice, keep it coming my friends! I've been writing back, just don't get discouraged if you write me and don't hear back from me in 6 weeks. It takes about 3 weeks average for me to get anything and then 3 weeks to get back to you! I love you all and think of you often. have a great week and I hope Easter treated all of you well!

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