Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nate - week 2

For the blog:
The MTC has been an extremely enlightening experience thus far. The language is coming easier and the intelligence from the speakers is pretty incrdeible. My companions have all been awesome! I luckily have one guy i can nerd out to. I've missed doing that! I'm glad I can still remember certain songs in my head from before I left, it's been good when I need to relax. I like it here, but I'm already really anxious to just leave here and go to the Philippines. By the way, to those of you wanting to write me, I'd prefer letters, but if you want go to the website dearelder. they send the email you write to my address print it out and I get it that day. Also, if you want to send me anything valuable, PLEASE do it while I'm at the MTC. It might be stolen in the mail while I'm in the Philippines. If you send me anything send it to me in a beat up box with pictures of Mary, Jesus, etc on it. That way I might actually get some of the stuff! Anyways i love you guys and miss you all very much! Pictures hopefully soon!