Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24

This week was good! Crazy, but good! Tuesday I had the chance to go to Baguio. Loved it there! Good weather (didn't sweat the whole time), awesome city, awesome nature stuff, taxis everywhere, and some good food. I got a package this week which was cool! I think I'm going to start putting up when I get letters from you as well so you know I get it. I got a letter from Memo this week. Sent out a reply already my brutha! I also finally got my razor! I forgot what example was in English this week and had to ask my Filipino companion what it example was in English. A little awkward. I heard some random music this week while I've been out in stores, people's houses, or on the radio on the bus. I heard over this week: Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Careless Whisperer, Chop Suey, Blackened, and Haircuts and T-Shirts. The last one I think was the weirdest one to hear. I thought I wouldn't hear Lifetime till I got home! The others are from fairly well known artists so not too surprising. I got sick again this week for a day after Baguio. That wasn't too fun, vomit and the runs! Luckily it was only one day. I'm going to be leaving my first area probably this week on Friday. Kinda sad. But gotta do it! Excited to see where I go next. My mission president will also change this week. Anyways so I don't forget next week, have a good 4th of July! Eat burgers, drink coke, fireworks and whatever else you do. I'm out! Keep the letters coming! Love you guys. and.... HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? (If you get this reference I love you even more.) If you guys send me normal mail and not a dearelder, I would LOVE to get a picture with it. Just a thought!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monkey / pizza

Busy week again this week, and next will be just as busy. It's rained a lot this week. Many days when I had to run home for more clothing. The river which I used to be able to cross no problem has now become HUGE. It'd be a swim across now. A lot of area's have been pretty flooded making it hard to get to them. I got sick for two days (I'm fine now), I went to the doctor for the rashes and my lips. They're better now. I also had pizza when I went to the doctor. That was AWESOME. And many meetings this week as well. Crazy, but a good week. I uploaded this week a couple pictures (sorry for the quality the lighting sucked there) of a monkey I met.  It was AWESOME. The monkey's name is Kikai. I wish the video I have of it would upload, but it refuses to work. This week marks half a year that I've been gone. It does not feel like that. But it has been. I can't believe it. In other news I need to hem my shirts again. They are too big. But I'm waiting to see if I get transferred next week to do so. I'm stoked for this next week. I get to go to Baguio for the first time, a district party, and yeah! Hey and if you guys have time go to click write a letter then click the scroll bar and choose Baguio Philippines mission type in my name : Nathanael Schultz Filichia and your address so I can write you back and write me something. I do write back always! If you have written me and have not received a reply in a while see my earlier post. Or If you want to send a letter do it! Doesn't cost that much. I'm not trying to be pushy or anything I just love hearing from you guys when I get the chance and there are many of you who I haven't heard from yet. Yep. Anyways, I hope to hear from you guys soon. Until next time, in the words of Abraham Lincoln: Be excellent to each other... and party on dudes!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Nate - joker

THis week was pretty busy. There was a funeral service that I was conducting at, baptisms, exchanges, and lots of appointments! Needless to say I'm a bit tired and I'm glad that today is P-Day so I can take a good nap in the afternoon to recharge! In the pictures I uploaded this week you will notice a snail. Why did I take a picture of this snail you may ask? Simply put it was as big as my hand! :) Another thing to notice, I look like the joker. I've found out that the shaving stuff I've been using is actually whats starting to cause rashes and breakouts and worse lips. So! I gotta find other things to use. But you may laugh at how bad my face is. I do quite often! So another thing: if you've sent me a letter and haven't received a reply in over 2 and a half months, contact my family. It's very likely one of our letters got lost in the mail. Even a dearelder. I got a dearelder the other day that was over a month old. And those are supposed to be printed out and given to us within the week they're sent. I've realized that next week will be the 6 month mark since I've been gone. Half a year. Man I cannot believe it! Time flies here. FAST. I do miss you guys and love you all very much, but luckily not homesick. I'm safe still and love everything I've gotten from you. Alright my friends have a good week and you stay classy... world.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3, 2012

This weeks been cooling down, it's also the start of rainy season which manifested itself within a day. Most of the streets have been covered in a river of water for the last couple days. But it's cooler out and I love the rain, so no complaints from me! My body is finally almost adjusted to the changes here. My zits are going a bit more down, my lips are almost un-chapped and the random rashes are going away. I'm hoping I don't react the same way when I get home! In two weeks I'll be going to Baguio for the first time. which I'm excited for! I've heard it's very beautiful in Baguio. I'm becoming way worse at English. I realize this more and more as I start forgetting what certain words are in English. (I couldn't remember what the word floor mat meant the other day). Plus all the typos I've noticed while I've been writing this post. Anyways everyone I love you all! P.S. I saw some people cooking a goat the other day on a spit. It looked like a black dragon! Too bad I forgot my camera! One other thing! I went to 7-11 today. I was disappointed last time because they did not have slurpees. Low and behold, this time they did! I had a slurpee today and it was SO good..... Mmmmmm....