Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24

This week was good! Crazy, but good! Tuesday I had the chance to go to Baguio. Loved it there! Good weather (didn't sweat the whole time), awesome city, awesome nature stuff, taxis everywhere, and some good food. I got a package this week which was cool! I think I'm going to start putting up when I get letters from you as well so you know I get it. I got a letter from Memo this week. Sent out a reply already my brutha! I also finally got my razor! I forgot what example was in English this week and had to ask my Filipino companion what it example was in English. A little awkward. I heard some random music this week while I've been out in stores, people's houses, or on the radio on the bus. I heard over this week: Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Careless Whisperer, Chop Suey, Blackened, and Haircuts and T-Shirts. The last one I think was the weirdest one to hear. I thought I wouldn't hear Lifetime till I got home! The others are from fairly well known artists so not too surprising. I got sick again this week for a day after Baguio. That wasn't too fun, vomit and the runs! Luckily it was only one day. I'm going to be leaving my first area probably this week on Friday. Kinda sad. But gotta do it! Excited to see where I go next. My mission president will also change this week. Anyways so I don't forget next week, have a good 4th of July! Eat burgers, drink coke, fireworks and whatever else you do. I'm out! Keep the letters coming! Love you guys. and.... HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? (If you get this reference I love you even more.) If you guys send me normal mail and not a dearelder, I would LOVE to get a picture with it. Just a thought!

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