Monday, June 18, 2012

Monkey / pizza

Busy week again this week, and next will be just as busy. It's rained a lot this week. Many days when I had to run home for more clothing. The river which I used to be able to cross no problem has now become HUGE. It'd be a swim across now. A lot of area's have been pretty flooded making it hard to get to them. I got sick for two days (I'm fine now), I went to the doctor for the rashes and my lips. They're better now. I also had pizza when I went to the doctor. That was AWESOME. And many meetings this week as well. Crazy, but a good week. I uploaded this week a couple pictures (sorry for the quality the lighting sucked there) of a monkey I met.  It was AWESOME. The monkey's name is Kikai. I wish the video I have of it would upload, but it refuses to work. This week marks half a year that I've been gone. It does not feel like that. But it has been. I can't believe it. In other news I need to hem my shirts again. They are too big. But I'm waiting to see if I get transferred next week to do so. I'm stoked for this next week. I get to go to Baguio for the first time, a district party, and yeah! Hey and if you guys have time go to click write a letter then click the scroll bar and choose Baguio Philippines mission type in my name : Nathanael Schultz Filichia and your address so I can write you back and write me something. I do write back always! If you have written me and have not received a reply in a while see my earlier post. Or If you want to send a letter do it! Doesn't cost that much. I'm not trying to be pushy or anything I just love hearing from you guys when I get the chance and there are many of you who I haven't heard from yet. Yep. Anyways, I hope to hear from you guys soon. Until next time, in the words of Abraham Lincoln: Be excellent to each other... and party on dudes!

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