Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3, 2012

This weeks been cooling down, it's also the start of rainy season which manifested itself within a day. Most of the streets have been covered in a river of water for the last couple days. But it's cooler out and I love the rain, so no complaints from me! My body is finally almost adjusted to the changes here. My zits are going a bit more down, my lips are almost un-chapped and the random rashes are going away. I'm hoping I don't react the same way when I get home! In two weeks I'll be going to Baguio for the first time. which I'm excited for! I've heard it's very beautiful in Baguio. I'm becoming way worse at English. I realize this more and more as I start forgetting what certain words are in English. (I couldn't remember what the word floor mat meant the other day). Plus all the typos I've noticed while I've been writing this post. Anyways everyone I love you all! P.S. I saw some people cooking a goat the other day on a spit. It looked like a black dragon! Too bad I forgot my camera! One other thing! I went to 7-11 today. I was disappointed last time because they did not have slurpees. Low and behold, this time they did! I had a slurpee today and it was SO good..... Mmmmmm....

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