Monday, March 19, 2012

Not too much new has happened this week. The days are blurring with the weeks. This Wednesday will mark one month that I've been in the Philippines. It's pretty hard to believe that I've been here for that long already. It feels like I was leaving home only 2 days ago. But man, I can't tell you in words how much I've grown in this short time already. Time flies, I'm always busy doing something, and I sweat buckets every day. I've gotten used to the temperature here as well. Although I still sweat all the time, hot is now the norm for my body. It rained pretty hard one day, which ruled! I missed the rain, and thought it would have rained more here. But from what I've been told it will start raining a lot more pretty soon. Fine by me! :) I'm always tired here. And more than I was back home. At night I just wanna crash. OH! I've found my favorite place to eat out here. It's called Mang Inasal. Unlimited Coca-Cola and rice when you eat there! Anyways, I'm going to be able to send pictures this week so they should be up here sometime soon. I love you all! Please write me, I haven't received any letters out here yet. It's be nice to here from you guys again. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am exhausted! I had a lot of meetings this week, which means a lot of travel. I had a meeting everyday of the week except for Saturday. I must say I'm glad its over. It's starting to get more and more cloudy over here, I'm hoping that means rain soon. I haven't seen any since I've gotten here. All of my clothing is starting to get big on me. There's usually a giant chunk of shirt sticking up on my back (making me look like a hunch back) from how big my clothes are getting on me. This week I met up with a couple new people to teach, they both have guitars, so when I'm there they have me teach them some guitar before we start. It's funny, but thats how we begin connecting and becoming familiar with one another. Tagalog is becoming easier to grasp. Although I'm far from an expert, all the people from the Philippines that I've met tell me I must have been there for already 4 months with how good I am. I kinda doubt that, but it's a nice compliment. I don't think it'll be truly mastered for another couple months. Anyways, this week has been busy, but time is flying faster now than it ever has. Honestly it seems like I was sitting in front of this computer screen yesterday. Well anyways, I love you guys, I miss you, please write me! I like letters especially since I've hardly gotten any! Pictures next week, promise!

Monday, March 5, 2012

This week has been great over here. All the excess weight that I gained in order to prep for all that I was going to lose in the HOT Philippines is going away. I gotta be careful not to come back as skin and bones. I think once my ankle is no longer sprained I'm going to start running in the morning along with a regular exercise routine just to make sure I can have muscle. Anyways the people here are great and are very forgiving of my poor Tagalog. Though it seems for the most part they can understand most of what I say and I'm getting better at understanding what they say. One older lady that we've been teaching has to walk across a small bamboo bridge to get to church everySunday and is getting much more active, which is great, and I call her Nanay, meaning grandmother. Because everytime we're there, she gives us a litre of pop, and food. The people here are super cool. Talking to them just makes me smile more or less because back home, most people just brush you to the side if you try to start up a convo. Here they talk back and are never rude. Anyways, I can feel myself getting better, and happier every day. It's hard to wake up most mornings because of how tired I am, but this place is awesome. I love you guys and miss all of you very much. Have a great week!