Sunday, March 11, 2012

I am exhausted! I had a lot of meetings this week, which means a lot of travel. I had a meeting everyday of the week except for Saturday. I must say I'm glad its over. It's starting to get more and more cloudy over here, I'm hoping that means rain soon. I haven't seen any since I've gotten here. All of my clothing is starting to get big on me. There's usually a giant chunk of shirt sticking up on my back (making me look like a hunch back) from how big my clothes are getting on me. This week I met up with a couple new people to teach, they both have guitars, so when I'm there they have me teach them some guitar before we start. It's funny, but thats how we begin connecting and becoming familiar with one another. Tagalog is becoming easier to grasp. Although I'm far from an expert, all the people from the Philippines that I've met tell me I must have been there for already 4 months with how good I am. I kinda doubt that, but it's a nice compliment. I don't think it'll be truly mastered for another couple months. Anyways, this week has been busy, but time is flying faster now than it ever has. Honestly it seems like I was sitting in front of this computer screen yesterday. Well anyways, I love you guys, I miss you, please write me! I like letters especially since I've hardly gotten any! Pictures next week, promise!

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