Monday, March 5, 2012

This week has been great over here. All the excess weight that I gained in order to prep for all that I was going to lose in the HOT Philippines is going away. I gotta be careful not to come back as skin and bones. I think once my ankle is no longer sprained I'm going to start running in the morning along with a regular exercise routine just to make sure I can have muscle. Anyways the people here are great and are very forgiving of my poor Tagalog. Though it seems for the most part they can understand most of what I say and I'm getting better at understanding what they say. One older lady that we've been teaching has to walk across a small bamboo bridge to get to church everySunday and is getting much more active, which is great, and I call her Nanay, meaning grandmother. Because everytime we're there, she gives us a litre of pop, and food. The people here are super cool. Talking to them just makes me smile more or less because back home, most people just brush you to the side if you try to start up a convo. Here they talk back and are never rude. Anyways, I can feel myself getting better, and happier every day. It's hard to wake up most mornings because of how tired I am, but this place is awesome. I love you guys and miss all of you very much. Have a great week!

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