Monday, June 11, 2012

Nate - joker

THis week was pretty busy. There was a funeral service that I was conducting at, baptisms, exchanges, and lots of appointments! Needless to say I'm a bit tired and I'm glad that today is P-Day so I can take a good nap in the afternoon to recharge! In the pictures I uploaded this week you will notice a snail. Why did I take a picture of this snail you may ask? Simply put it was as big as my hand! :) Another thing to notice, I look like the joker. I've found out that the shaving stuff I've been using is actually whats starting to cause rashes and breakouts and worse lips. So! I gotta find other things to use. But you may laugh at how bad my face is. I do quite often! So another thing: if you've sent me a letter and haven't received a reply in over 2 and a half months, contact my family. It's very likely one of our letters got lost in the mail. Even a dearelder. I got a dearelder the other day that was over a month old. And those are supposed to be printed out and given to us within the week they're sent. I've realized that next week will be the 6 month mark since I've been gone. Half a year. Man I cannot believe it! Time flies here. FAST. I do miss you guys and love you all very much, but luckily not homesick. I'm safe still and love everything I've gotten from you. Alright my friends have a good week and you stay classy... world.

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