Monday, July 23, 2012

July 22, 2012

Alright, this week was busy as usual. We started having storms over this way. Many of the streets were flooded, but we walked through them as always! Wet socks, shoes and other articles of clothing. I'm so glad plastic bags exist, other wise all my books and everything else I have on me would get destroyed. The only thing my umbrella really protects is my glasses from getting too wet. The rain is nice because it's a lot cooler out now. Of course it's humid, but when it rains it's just a bit cooler! One thing I've learned is that when it's really hot and humid out, it means it'll rain pretty soon. However, I like the rain so it's all good. Lots of progressing people, lots of people becoming better, lots of people returning, lots of people making their first covenants, service projects, meetings, exchanges, and all that other good stuff. Meaning that I'm exhausted. But it's all good. I'd rather be busy than be not doing anything. There won't be any pictures uploaded this week due to the fact that the computer shop I'm at doesn't have a USB hook up. But there will be a few next week. I got 2 letters this week. One from Suzy and one from Heather. I'll be mailing out the replies today sometime. Anyways, I love you guys! You guys have a good week. And write as always! Out! Oh and by the way, the spiders here are huge! It's pretty rad!

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