Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012

This week has been busy! A couple more storms (typhoons), walking in calf deep water at times, lots of appointments, lots of meetings, etc. etc. The other day I gave a link for the Death To Hipsters video to a member. Now the whole ward over here has watched it. It's kind of funny hearing people hum part of it or sing a bit of it when I'm over there. People kept saying "Man you looked way weird!" And I'd reply: "Opo! at pagkatapos sa mission, ulit!" or "Yep! And after the mission I will again!" The other day I was offered to eat dog for the first time. Luckily it was just a birthday party and there was tons of food so I didn't feel bad when I turned it down. I want to avoid having to eat dog as much as possible. I've already had duck fetus since I've been here (which actually was pretty good.) The other day I was also at a members house for a dinner appointment when their drunk brother in law came in. He loved to talk to me since I'm white. Gotta say, I have never cared to be dark until I saw a drunk guy here. They speak in a couple languages muddled together and do not leave you alone. Anyways, the highlight was when he was leaving he went through 3 of the wrong doors until he found the right one and said: "Sorry, I have been liqour." I thought it was just since he was speaking English that he messed up, but then he repeated it in Tagalog. Anyways, Things are good over here. I had Krispy Kreme the other day which was awesome. And I'm healthy and happy! Hope to hear from you guys soon! Love you!

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