Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hey there everyone! I apologize about the no uploads in 2 weeks. I've been pretty busy! The computer in this internet shop I'm at also doesn't seem to like my USB so I won't be able to upload my photos this week! Sorry! I'm now in a new area and have been put in here as a District Leader. The only thing that really means is that I have to do more work for others. Woo! The new area I'm in is GORGEOUS! I love it here. The weather is a lot cooler here as well. I ate frog last week! Pretty good! Like chicken! And super important: I had a Dr. Pepper the other day! The bishop here went to Manila recently and brought it back. It was nice! As much as I love Coca-Cola gotta say I missed the Dr. I'm going to miss the people in my last area quite a bit. There were some wonderful people over there, but life goes on! My new companion is Elder Dela Paz. Very happy and very kind. I can already tell I'm going to love this area... I got a letter from Shannon and Jesse Seibel (thanks for the pokemon cards, Charizard rules!) these last couple weeks. Both of your letters are in the mail! Anyways, I love you guys! Have a good week, write me and go eat some frogs!

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