Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16 post

So this week was pretty good. Busy of course. But good. We went to a lot of appointments this week. Which was nice, because a lot of times we go, people are just not home. Plus a lot of the times they will have a merianda (snack or food that doesn't have rice). This coming week will be a bit of an insane schedule since Christmas is right around the corner. Tomorrow a meeting, Friday trizone conference in Baguio, Saturday Ward Christmas party, etc. etc. The benefit to all this is food. Yep! This Friday will also mark 1 year that I've been gone. Time seriously is flying. Thanks to all of you that have written me and everything else. It means a lot. I wish all of you a good week and will write more next week! Take it easy. Love you guys!

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