Sunday, May 20, 2012

Monkey post

Well this week was much much more busy than previous weeks. I am still in the same area and I have a new companion so it's been a bit tough showing him around (as my area is two cities), but has been fun! We had a lot of random tasks to accomplish during the week because he is new to the area and because support was a bit late this week, but we saw some good progress in our area and have been meeting some great new people! The photos I uploaded this week do not include a picture of my new companion, but there are some new ones up there. Thanks for those who gave me letters this week. I'll be sending out my replies in a little bit later today! You can expect them... Can't tell when you'll get them, but you will get them! Letters mean a lot to me so please write! Oh and this week I saw a monkey! It was someone's pet and in a cage. It was night and I shined a light on him and he got pretty angry. It was FUNNY! The party outside our house has finally stopped which is nice. Not as loud anymore. It's been raining a lot recently which is also very nice! But the river we have to cross is getting higher.... They need to rebuild the bridge here soon so we can stilll cross. Eventually it'll be impossible to get over there. Well this is probably my last transfer in this area, and it's been 5 months from home now. Holy crap time flies. Some have written me saying it seems like a long time that I've been gone, but to me it feels like no time at all. A week maybe? Anyways, I love you guys and miss all of you. Keep in touch and may the force be with you.

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